Gum Lift and Contouring

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Your gums play an important role in the appearance of your smile. Excessive or uneven gum tissue can cause your teeth to look small or misshapen. In these instances, the best way to restore a beautiful smile is with a gum contouring procedure.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed to even out your gum line, ensuring your teeth are properly framed. Many of our patients experience increased self-confidence after their gum lift, allowing them to smile freely and proudly.

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What Can Gum Contouring Address?

gummy smileGum contouring can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a comprehensive smile makeover. It is an effective way to address the following aesthetic issues:

  • “Gummy smile” – This is one of the most common conditions corrected by a gum lift. Excessive gum tissue covers your teeth, making them look small.
  • Uneven gum line – Uneven gum tissue can make your teeth look misshapen. Gum contouring can even out your gum line to provide a more uniform appearance to your teeth.

Keep in mind that you must have healthy gum tissue to undergo a gum lift. If you suffer from gum disease, Dr. Scavuzzo may recommend periodontal treatment to restore optimal gum health prior to your procedure.

Your Gum Contouring Procedure

Dr. Scavuzzo uses a state-of-the-art soft tissue laser that gently reshapes your gum tissue to achieve your desired appearance. The use of a laser during your treatment provides several important benefits compared with techniques that utilize a scalpel to reshape your gum line:

  • Optimal levels of safety – The laser energy seals your gum tissue, reducing bleeding and eliminating the need for sutures. The laser also kills any bacteria in the area, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Greater levels of precision – Lasers provide Dr. Scavuzzo with greater control over the amount of tissue being removed. In addition, it ensures the surrounding gum tissue remains untouched. This will deliver the beautiful results you desire.
  • Improved comfort – Scalpels manually scrape away gum tissue, which can be abrasive and painful. Lasers ensure a gentler procedure that often doesn’t even require a topical anesthetic.

Recovery after a Gum Lift

In general, your gums may require several weeks to fully heal. The following tips will help facilitate a smooth recovery process:

  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as needed to relieve any discomfort
  • Eat soft, cool foods for the first few days of your recovery to avoid any discomfort or irritation
  • Brush and floss gently to prevent gum irritation
  • Use a gentle, cleansing mouthwash to kill any germs in the region
  • Avoid eating spicy foods until your gums have fully healed

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