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ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment allows you to straighten your teeth and improve your smile with an alternative to metal braces. You’ll be able to fix crooked teeth without your colleagues, customers or friends knowing. The aligners are 100 percent removable so you can continue to brush and floss easily, and eat your usual diet. Many people are good candidates for this type of orthodontia, but an in-person consultation is necessary to know for sure.

Dr. Frank Scavuzzo is an experienced dentist in the Centennial and Highlands Ranch area. At his modern office, Dr. Scavuzzo will examine your bite to determine if you are a candidate for ClearCorrect or other teeth-straightening treatments. To schedule your complimentary appointment, please call our helpful team at 303-741-2727.

What is ClearCorrect?

Infographic showing ClearCorrect orthodontic factsClearCorrect aligners are made of medical-grade, BPA-free plastic. They are customized to fit your teeth specifically. You wear a pair of aligners for a predetermined amount of time (usually three weeks) before graduating to the next aligners in the series. At the end of treatment, you will have the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Adults whose teeth have shifted since they wore braces as a teen are great candidates for ClearCorrect. The system provides just the right amount of realignment from this type of crookedness or drifting. Many adults stop wearing their retainers at some point after childhood orthodontic treatment. Soon you may find yourself with a crooked smile. Retention is important, and adults who complete this treatment feel even more motivated to wear their new aligners after ClearCorrect.

How Does It Work?

The aligners push and shift the teeth gradually. This system may be recommended for:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Over-bites
  • Under-bites

Dr. Scavuzzo assesses other misalignment as well, to determine what will be effective. It’s possible for ClearCorrect to treat certain cases of crowding and cross-bite, but Dr. Scavuzzo will first have to provide an in-person consult and exam.

The aligners are created from digital scans of your teeth and jaws. The scans are taken painlessly and efficiently by our experienced staff using a handheld device that we sweep across the teeth and inside of your mouth.

Once they are manufactured by the lab and ready to go, the aligners easily snap onto and off of your teeth. The number of aligners in your series depends on the bite issues and crookedness you have, which will of course dictate the length of your treatment. In general, your treatment plan will last somewhere between 1-3 years. Dr. Scavuzzo will present you with the estimated timeline as part of your consultation and exam.

The Clear Aligner Difference

Aside from the obvious benefit of nearly invisible teeth straightening, why choose an option like ClearCorrect? Consider these advantages –

When you eat and drink: Normally, when wearing traditional braces, a person must forgo certain foods. Foods like bagels, crusty bread, chewy steak and crispy tortilla chips can bend arch wires, and loosen or dislodge brackets. Because you remove ClearCorrect aligners when you eat, you can eat anything you want. This is a major advantage. You must place the aligners back on your teeth promptly after eating however, in order to keep your treatment on track by wearing the aligners as close to 24 hours a day as possible.

When you brush and floss: While wearing traditional braces, a person must keep the wires and brackets clean and free from food debris. The braces parts trap food against the teeth, increasing the risk for tooth decay. The process of cleaning can become tedious – it involves using threaded floss and conical interdental brushes, as well as precise brushing of all surfaces. With ClearCorrect, you will remove your aligners, and then simply brush and floss as you always have.

For these reasons and others, many patients feel that ClearCorrect is a much more pleasant, convenient orthodontic option. Especially as a busy adult with a full schedule, you may not have the time to brush braces after every meal, or excuse yourself to the restroom to change the orthodontic rubber bands as they loosen. ClearCorrect may fit more seamlessly into your professional and social life. It is important to wear your clear aligners as often as possible, however. If compliance feels too challenging, then you may need to consider a non-removable system like metal braces. Most adults, and even young adults, are motivated to wear their aligners so they can reap the benefits of ClearCorrect. Talk to Dr. Scavuzzo about what is right for you.

Find Out if You Are a ClearCorrect Candidate

In Centennial, CO, Dr. Frank Scavuzzo is proud to offer an array of orthodontia, including ClearCorrect. To arrange a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for invisible orthodontic aligners, please call our experienced team at 303-741-2727.