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Posted: March 26, 2020

Invisalign vs ClearCorrect in Centennial Orthodontic treatment has come a long way in recent years. Traditional metal braces, while effective and appropriate for the right candidates, are no longer the only solution to concerns such as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Today, clear aligner therapy is an increasingly popular option.

Several different brands currently manufacture clear plastic aligners, including ClearCorrect and Invisalign®. All aligner trays are removable and work by gradually shifting the teeth. So, how do you navigate the options to find the right fit for yourself or your teenage child? Here are a few factors that set ClearCorrect apart from other clear aligner companies:

  • Nearly invisible trays: The plastic used to create ClearCorrect aligners is similar in clarity to the plastic used to produce other aligners. However, the company uses unique manufacturing techniques to make aligners with fewer visible marks than those made by other companies. For you, this means that people will rarely notice that you are wearing your aligners.
  • Compliance detection: Compliance Checkpoints are a feature exclusive to ClearCorrect. Dr. Frank Scavuzzo will be able to verify if you or your child are regularly wearing your aligners by checking to see if certain teeth are touching or not, according to the customized treatment plan.
  • Comfortable treatment plans: If your aligner trays change too much between steps, they can cause unnecessary discomfort. With ClearCorrect aligners, a single tooth is rarely moved more than 0.3mm per step, and a two-week wear time is generally recommended for each aligner. This approach balances your comfort and overall treatment time for an optimal experience.

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Dr. Frank Scavuzzo offers numerous options for orthodontic treatment. For many people, ClearCorrect aligners are the ideal choice. However, an in-person appointment is necessary to determine your candidacy.

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